The Top 5 Reasons I’m Excited About the Canon C200

Finally. As a long-time Canon shooter, I have always loved the look of the C series cameras in Canon’s lineup. There’s just something about the colors, noise pattern, ruggedness, and form factor that a spec sheet could never fully describe. While I still constantly reach for a C series camera for the majority of our shoots, I can’t seem to drop this nagging feeling that Canon is falling behind other video camera manufacturers. Maybe it’s the exciting product releases that manufacturers like Sony and RED seem to be constantly releasing. Maybe it’s the eye-popping spec sheets accompanying these new [...]

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The Age-Old Secret to Effective Video Communications

The secret to better video communications is right under your nose. So far, we’ve written about why your business’s website needs more video, ways to make your video accessible to a wider audience, and reasons to ramp up your video marketing this year. But how do you get there? Whether you’re hiring a professional video production company or looking to try out video communications on your own, this one simple trick will change the way you approach the subject. THE “MORE” BUBBLE It’s a thing. The “More” Bubble is this idea that the people of today get caught in [...]

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7 Reasons Why Your Website Should Have Video

In a world where content is king, your website and video can and should live together. Media Images made its debut solely as a video company. Web and other services joined the program as a result of our need to supplement our video services and bring our expertise of high quality, creative media online. Plus, many of our clients live stream, which gives us the opportunity to build customized live streaming platforms (or integrate existing solutions) to help them reach a broader audience. Needless to say, we know web and video are better together. Here are seven reasons to [...]

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Four Ways to Make Your Video Accessible to a Wider Audience

Closed Captioning, Transcription, Translation and Subtitling – Four Ways to Make Your Video Accessible to a Wider Audience Everyone should see your video. That’s the goal, right? You’ve put your intellectual capital, energy, money, and, heart and soul into the video you’ve made. As you get ready to launch your new content, ask yourself if there are any target audiences that you may have forgotten about. You many not realize it, but if your video isn’t closed captioned, you’re potentially losing 28 million views – that’s how many deaf people reside in the United States. That number rises drastically when you [...]

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What Can Live Streaming Do For Your Organization?

Going live with a webcast or streaming broadcast can have a huge impact on your business. Video is predicted to be one of the hottest marketing mediums this year. But don’t take our word for it: Cisco says global consumer consumption of video content will reach 82% of all traffic on the Internet by 2020. Tubular Insights says more people than ever before are watching video on their mobile devices. The Global Web Index cites the great potential for using live streaming to build your brand. Benefits of a Live Stream Broadcast Live stream takes your message and extends [...]

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Top 10 Reasons to Ramp Up Video Marketing in 2017

If you want to stay competitive, your company is going to need video marketing in 2017. Cisco says 69% of all Internet traffic this year will be video. Syndacast takes it even further – they’re predicting 74%. Even if the reality falls somewhere in between, these are some powerful numbers that your business should pay attention to. Whether it’s live streaming, product advertising, or posting something short and sweet on social media, telling your story with video is now the best way to capture an audience. Let’s look at some of the most compelling reasons to ramp up your [...]

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Why Is Everyone Talking About Drones?

In the world of video, drones are a disruptive influence. Much has been written in the field of information technology about how the Internet has “disrupted” the world as we know it, by putting the power of handheld digital devices at our fingertips. A disrupter is generally associated with a powerful, earth-shattering force that changes how we live and work. In the video world, drones are exactly that powerful. What’s the Buzz about UAVs? Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), or drones, are currently available for both consumer and commercial use. In business, they are currently being utilized for:      Search and [...]

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Facebook Live? Livestream? Both?

Facebook rules. It’s a brilliantly savvy monetized social media platform that’s getting almost everything right. Just look at the numbers: 1.79 billion people use Facebook each month. 1.18 billion people log into Facebook daily. Many marketers agree that Facebook is still the reigning champ of social media. One of the latest updates in the past year included Facebook Live - a live-streaming video service that most agreed was a move to compete with the rise of Periscope and the now defunct Meerkat. Facebook Live allows businesses to run a real-time feed off a computer or mobile device and post on their business page as [...]

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