In the world of video, drones are a disruptive influence.

Much has been written in the field of information technology about how the Internet has “disrupted” the world as we know it, by putting the power of handheld digital devices at our fingertips.

A disrupter is generally associated with a powerful, earth-shattering force that changes how we live and work.

In the video world, drones are exactly that powerful.

What’s the Buzz about UAVs?

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), or drones, are currently available for both consumer and commercial use. In business, they are currently being utilized for:

  •      Search and rescue
  •      Construction and land surveying
  •      Product/food delivery
  •      Real estate photography
  •      Sports

In the video world, drones are enabling camerawork that was previously prohibitively expensive. A drone shot, when operated by a skilled professional, can give you Hollywood quality for a tiny fraction of the cost. Drone videography can create breathtaking views that will turn your next project into something extraordinary.

In the same way that Steadicam revolutionized camera movements in the 70’s, drones are now bringing the power of aerial photography to corporate and home video. DSLR’s, iPhones, and GoPros have all been revolutionary in both the professional and amateur video world. Now drones are giving businesses a leg up by allowing professional, dramatic advances in video camera work. If done properly, drones can make even a cheap video look expensive.

Drones are more powerful in the hands of a professional.

But here’s the rub: the FAA now restricts commercial use of drone technology – and they are quite serious about enforcement. The FAA has some specific training and licensure requirements, including registering the UAV and the pilot. To make things more complex, some states and municipalities have their own drone restrictions – which is another reason to always consult a professional.

The effectiveness of aerial videography and the difference a professional drone operator can make could set your organization apart from the competition.

There is nothing more powerful than a sky-bound crowd shot. It is a powerful technique that gives you a birds-eye view of the world. Offering a neighborhood skyline perspective adds drama to any video and can create real emotional resonance in any production, no matter how short or inexpensive.

Gyro stabilized gimbals and brushless motors have made huge advances over the last decade. The technology is now lightweight and powerful enough to allow any sized camera to be flying through the air. Remote wireless video uplink allows an operator to see what they are shooting from miles away – capabilities that belonged in sci-fi movies not too long ago. In the past, you’d have to rent a helicopter to get the kind of cinematography possible with a drone.

Imagine the possibilities:

  •      Use a UAV to capture an excited crowd at your next event.
  •      Create an emotional scene for your next corporate recruitment video with an aerial shot.
  •      Establish an atmospheric vibe for your next commercial or Internet video.

With drone technology professional cinematography is available for a fraction of the cost. UAVs just upped the ante on your next video production – and the sky is, literally, the limit on what you can achieve.