Does My Organization Need An Instagram?

Step up your Insta game. Just three months ago, Instagram announced a staggering 600 million users and counting—the last 100 million of which joined in the preceding six months alone. This incredible growth shows the potential to one day surpass Facebook and maybe even become the new Goliath of social media. Even more, it shows that Instagram is noticeably climbing the ranks among the top social media platforms and it demands your attention. Instagram is no longer just for the individual to share their life’s highlight reel—it’s also for the organization, the business, and the marketer. So, the answer [...]

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7 Reasons Why Your Website Should Have Video

In a world where content is king, your website and video can and should live together. Media Images made its debut solely as a video company. Web and other services joined the program as a result of our need to supplement our video services and bring our expertise of high quality, creative media online. Plus, many of our clients live stream, which gives us the opportunity to build customized live streaming platforms (or integrate existing solutions) to help them reach a broader audience. Needless to say, we know web and video are better together. Here are seven reasons to [...]

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Four Ways to Make Your Video Accessible to a Wider Audience

Closed Captioning, Transcription, Translation and Subtitling – Four Ways to Make Your Video Accessible to a Wider Audience Everyone should see your video. That’s the goal, right? You’ve put your intellectual capital, energy, money, and, heart and soul into the video you’ve made. As you get ready to launch your new content, ask yourself if there are any target audiences that you may have forgotten about. You many not realize it, but if your video isn’t closed captioned, you’re potentially losing 28 million views – that’s how many deaf people reside in the United States. That number rises drastically when you [...]

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