If you possess the drive, you can thrive.

Here at Media Images, we’re a band of entrepreneurs. We’ve seen a little bit of everything in our past 20 years of operation, so we know what it takes to succeed—especially when everyone says you can’t. Here are five signs that show you might possess the spirit of an entrepreneur (hint: it’s a good thing).

1. You know what you’re passionate about. Your passions are familiar friends. This is the stuff that gets you out of bed in the morning—the stuff that excites you to the point of action. Have you ever had a conversation with someone about their passions? Even if you’re totally uninterested in the topic, simply observing their enthusiasm can be infectious. Production managers: this is the kind of person you want to hire because, when they’re passionate about what they do, you can be sure they’ll stop at nothing to solve the challenges that arise on the job.

2. You’re optimistic about possibilities. Entrepreneurs, by nature, are optimistic people. They thrive when the odds are stacked against them. They’re not concerned with their inabilities—they’re focused on tapping into endless possibility. When faced with a challenge, do you stay frustrated at your failure, or do you actively search for another way?

3. You take calculated risks. “Anything is possible” doesn’t mean “everything leads to success.” An entrepreneur at heart knows that success is never guaranteed, that’s why they’re prone to taking chances and trying every door until one opens. Those who possess an entrepreneurial spirit are decisive in the midst of uncertainty, agile in the midst of ambiguity, and motivated in the midst of doubt.

4. You’re always questioning the way things are done. You’re always thinking about how you can do something better. You subscribe to the idea of don’t work harder, work smarter. You never settle for “this is the way we’ve always done it.” Instead, your mind is always searching for better, faster, smarter ways to accomplish the goals of the business. If you find yourself up against the majority, questioning the way things are done, you might be an entrepreneur at heart.

5. You get it done. Above all else, you execute, regardless of your circumstances. You’re driven to accomplish everything from the smallest feat to the biggest goal that everyone said couldn’t be done. If all of the above describes you so far, you’ve probably got some great ideas up your sleeve as well. Don’t be afraid to air those out and actually test them. True entrepreneurs know that an idea means nothing unless and until it’s acted upon.