5 Signs You Might Be an Entrepreneur at Heart

If you possess the drive, you can thrive. Here at Media Images, we’re a band of entrepreneurs. We’ve seen a little bit of everything in our past 20 years of operation, so we know what it takes to succeed—especially when everyone says you can’t. Here are five signs that show you might possess the spirit of an entrepreneur (hint: it’s a good thing). 1. You know what you’re passionate about. Your passions are familiar friends. This is the stuff that gets you out of bed in the morning—the stuff that excites you to the point of action. Have you [...]

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5 Tips for Your Best Live Event Production

Take your event to the next level with these tried-and-true production tips. Live event production is our domain. It’s where we thrive. We love to put on a show and seamlessly perform all those behind-the-scenes transitions. We revel in the excitement of split decisions and take pride in making those on stage look good. Live event production is a thrilling process that always keeps us on our toes. With hundreds of successful live events under our belt, we’ve come up with the top five tips for running your best live event production. 1. Hire the right attitude. When you’re [...]

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