Media Catapult Website


Live and on demand video is the hot technology of 2017. Media Catapult enables its clients videos to be streamed everywhere - whether you are using a phone, Apple TV, or Roku. They needed a website that communicated their capabilities and how they can scale from 1 viewer to millions. Their entire web presence was [...]

StationDrop Explainer Video


StationDrop needed a way to clearly and efficiently communicate why someone should work with them. Our creative team determined that a concise, animated film with a little bit of humor is exactly what they needed. Many of producers who would be using StationDrop technology can relate with the situations our animated characters finds theirselves in. StationDrop solves a [...]

Caption Labs Website


Our sister company, Caption Labs, is one of the top closed captioning companies in the world. They are able to pull off the previously unheard of trifecta of fast, high quality, and affordable. Their website is built with SEO top of mind and the results speak for themselves. Ranking on the first page for every [...]

General Temperature Control Website


Over the past 30 years, General Temperature Control has been Ohio's premier full-service mechanical provider. Their state-of-the-art technology combined with traditional, personal service allows allows them to provide a product that helps their clients save money. Recognizing their need for creating a high-quality web presence that validates their abilities, GTC contacted Media Images to build [...]

Media Catapult Explainer Video


Media Catapult offers a powerful software that allows video on demand or live video to be streamed to millions of people using all kinds of different devices. They needed a simple, concise way to explain its propriety software. We were able to condense down a complicated topic into a 3 minute animation and threw in a [...]

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